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Associate of Business Science: Accounting
The objective of this program is to prepare students with the knowledge of accounting theories and principles together with their application to the accounting function of business. Students are provided with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully enter the field of Accounting or Business.
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Associate of Business Science: Automated Accounting
The Automated Accounting program is designed to provide a specialized education in both accounting and microcomputer operations using current business software. In addition to a thorough knowledge of accounting, courses cover the preparation of spreadsheets, graphs, and database management.
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Associate of Business Science: Business Administration
This program provides each student with a fundamental understanding of the concepts of business. Courses enhance critical thinking skills and provide students with a solid foundation in basic business functions such as management, finance, accounting, human resources, marketing and law.
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Associate of Business Science: Business Computer Applications
This program will give students a solid understanding of vital business concepts and a proficiency in using powerful business computer products like Microsoftâ Windows, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.
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Associate of Business Science: Business Science / Individualized Studies
The Business Science program with an individualized focus provides students with the core knowledge of business concepts and skills and offers an opportunity to choose an area of specialization not offered in other business majors. Students take foundation courses that cover topics critical in today's business world and, (under the guidance of their advisor) also create their own are of concentration.
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Associate of Business Science: Marketing
The marketing major focuses on the functions required of businesses to communicate the value of their products and services to their target markets. Courses emphasizes the coordination of the marketing tools of product pricing promotion and location ass the messengers of value to consumers. Students receive a foundation in business courses and are also exposed to courses that expand and enhance their abilities to communicate orally, in writing and visually.
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Associate of Business Science : Quality Assurance Management
This program addresses the management skills necessary to produce a quality product while reducing costs, increasing productivity, and ensuring customer satisfaction. The curriculum in this program will offer the student a solid foundation in Quality Assurance theory. The instructors are professionals employed in the field, and their experience will offer the student an opportunity to gain important knowledge and expand their current skills.
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Associate: Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship
This program is designed for students who have the long-range goal of business ownership. Students are introduced to a wide variety of subjects that are important in small business management.
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A document issued to evidence completion of a course, seminar, or an academic program. An academic program awarding a certificate is usually shorter in length than a program resulting in a diploma.

A document issued to evidence successful completion of an academic program. A diploma is awarded for programs varying in length from only a few months to those lasting several years and awarding degrees.

The Academic credential granted upon successful completion of an educational program of at least two but less than four academic years of college work.

The academic credential granted upon successful completion of an educational program of at least four academic years of college work.

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