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What's required to apply?

  • A high school or college transcript or GED scores.
  • An essay on how an Art Institutes education will help you attain your career goals.
  • Completion of the ASSET test to determine your math and English proficiency. (Students with SAT or ACT scores may be exempt from this requirement. Check with the Admissions Department at The Art Institutes location in which you're interested for details.)
  • A portfolio is welcome but not required.

We provide financial planning for our students through our Student Financial Services Department. Once you complete the Financial Aid application forms, a Financial Aid Officer (FAO) assigned to you will review the forms and use a federally-approved calculation to determine your eligibility.

The FAO will then work with you and your family to devise a Student Financial Plan to help you pay for your educational expenses, based on your financial aid eligibility and your family's circumstances. You will have an individual payment plan allowing you to budget your payments - we want to make your education as affordable as possible.

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